Tionna Profile Thumb


19 hours ago

really love it here nice and quiet really cozy space been living here for almost 2 years this would be my second year in december my school is right up the street I have no worries

Peyton Profile Thumb


5 days ago

I’ve lived here since 2020 and its been a great almost 3 years here its gotten better every year. Like with the upgrade to fiber internet which was my favorite.

Krissa Profile Thumb


5 days ago

So far so good, my only complaint is maintenance. At times, maintenance will come into our apartment saying that someone in my apartment submitted a work order when we have not.

Mariana Profile Thumb


6 days ago

Ive been living here for 2 years almost! Its been great! Thank you to Lauren for getting us signed on. Can’t wait to continue being here — I love how close it is to campus

Kaya Profile Thumb


7 days ago

Overall not the worst. There are definitely things that can be better, but it's a safe area which is the most important. Staff is nice, amenities are nice... The crown molding has not been replaced after the flood, but as long as I don't get charged for it, it's cool.

John Profile Thumb


7 days ago

I would say that campus edge is a nice place to live. It could use some work with maybe updating the apartments a little bit but other than that is fine.

Marcus Profile Thumb


7 days ago

There are some things that could be improved but I think it comes down to being an older complex and not choosing an upgraded unit. I wish the garage entrances were all flat too. If there was a community fire pit amenity I think that would be awesome! I enjoy where I live though and I’m happy to be there :)

Elizabeth Profile Thumb


8 days ago

I just moved in at the beginning of January, so I haven't interacted with many people yet. The community seems pretty good so far. Everyone has been respectful concerning noise and use of communal spaces. Pretty good so far!!