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Rayanna B. Profile Thumb

Rayanna B.

2 days ago

This place is pretty good... but there have been some issues. The internet is not stable, and have outages every week. That is probably the most frustrating part. But, they are supposedly getting a new provider next semester so maybe it’ll be better. Otherwise, good place.

Alvin T. Profile Thumb

Alvin T.

4 days ago

I like campus edge a lot. The staff is pretty helpful and the maintenance staff is good. The amenities are also good when open. Would recommend.

Jiten R. Profile Thumb

Jiten R.

6 days ago

The experience has been absolutely lovely so far. The apartment is nice, a couple small things here and there, but there is nothing appearing to be out of order.

Kierra S. Profile Thumb

Kierra S.

6 days ago

I love how engaged the front office is and all of the activities that are offered to keep us busy while we’re stuck inside. I’m really excited for what is to come in 2021!

Caroline H. Profile Thumb

Caroline H.

6 days ago

The wifi is something we’re obviously all struggling with, but I kind of expected it considering many places went from some people using the wifi consistently to everyone using it all at once, every day. A lot of places weren’t prepared for the consequences the pandemic would bring, and they’ve notified us that there will be better internet in the fall (which I hope is true). Besides that, everyone I’ve ever come in contact with has been kind and responsive, including maintenance. There are a couple people who decide that 6am or 11pm are great times to rev their engines at the loudest possible volume, but that’s not really the fault of the staff. The pandemic has been hard for all of us, and even though it can be frustrating, I think everyone deserves a little patience and grace trying to figure things out. This is one of the best quality apartments you’ll get for its price in Raleigh, so even with the issues I’d still recommend it to anyone looking for a place.

William O. Profile Thumb

William O.

8 days ago

Since moving here in August I have had positive experiences with the office/staff and in my unit. Only issue which seems to be widespread is internet connectivity

Scott B. Profile Thumb

Scott B.

8 days ago

It's pretty awesome to be honest had a lot of great experience with the neighbors. Glad I decided to live here this semester, and this whole year. Wifi could be better tho.

Cynthia G. Profile Thumb

Cynthia G.

13 days ago

Great staff and maintenance! Everyone is so nice and helpful. They have good perks and amenities. I have lived here almost two years and love it!

Cynthia - Thank you for your feedback! We are so happy that you are enjoying your time here as a Campus Edge resident. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know!

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