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1 day ago

On-site management could be better but the units are safe and cozy despite being older (not ancient thankfully!). The agents and maintenance staff are friendly and helpful. I've never felt unsafe out here and it's usually on the quieter side than most college neighborhoods which is HUGE! Although, the last few years, it's gotten a tad unsafe feeling when strangers come to our pool and invite over 100 folks and the police has to come and shut it down. That's been RIDICULOUS. Luckily, it doesn't happen but maybe once a summer. The renovations were LONG overdue but like with ANY apartment, the rent goes up every year NO MATTER WHEN YOU RENEW. You can't lock in your current rate ever. That's the only downside to renting. They are prompt with service requests and the included utilities & cable/internet is a SUPER nice bonus. I think they charge WAY too much for having a pet (non-refundable deposit AND a fee every month). Overall, I'm happy living here; just wish I had kinder neighbors.

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4 days ago

Lived here for two years. Maintenance takes a while to fix problems, but the people are very nice. Parking is a problem there are more cars than spots.

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11 days ago

The maintenance is quick, it’s a roof over my head with basic necessities. Workout space is nice and so is the pool. Plus everyone that works here is pretty helpful and nice. There’s nothing special about it, but it’s a nice place.

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12 days ago

Love it it’s so much fun. The pool is super cute and the apartment is always spacious. Great for having guests. I also love the small gym and the location as well.

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14 days ago

I’m having a fine time. The thermostats are a little wacky though and I think the issue with our sink is back which is frustrating. I’ll submit another work order about it soon.

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14 days ago

I have had no problems moving in, when I did have in maintenance issue they came immediately. Also a very nice community. I haven’t even been here for a month but I feel like this is a great fit for me.

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16 days ago

Living here has been amazing so far. I like the volley ball court, very much. Donuts and other snacks have been offered in the office which is always a nice surprise for food lovers.

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Verified Resident

17 days ago

its ok, no hassle rent is the biggest plus, there are also good amenities. it is close to centennial campus of north carolina state university